Monday, October 8, 2012

Donegal Coast
This last weekend we traveled around the coast of Donegal. We are amazed at how much shore line there is to see and explore. We didn't expect to see miles of sandy beaches:
And much of the shore is rugged rock:
Although the west of Ireland continues to be varied throughout, a noticeable difference from the eastern counties is the quality of the land. Much of the east is clearly the better soil, the large plots rich for crops and grazing:
 Whereas, much of the west is bog used primarily for the harvesting of peat:
And although there are vast hillsides of the beautiful green Ireland is known for, on much of the land there are rocks:

Unlike the east where hedge is used to divide the plots, here rocks do the job:
We did some hiking:
And always around is the rainbow:


  1. Somebody put in a lot of work to get all those rocks in walls!

  2. This all looks so beautiful. We can't wait to see it!
    Nancy and Ken